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Christoph Berg ist als Senior Berater im credativ Datenbank-Team tätig. Als Debian-Developer und PostgreSQL-Contributor kümmert er sich außerdem um die PostgreSQL-Paketierung und andere Belange im Debian Quality-Assurance-Team. In der Freizeit ist er Funkamateur auf Kurzwelle und Satelliten.

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08 March 2022

SQLreduce: Reduce verbose SQL queries to minimal examples

SQLreduce: Reduce verbose SQL queries to minimal examples Developers often face very large SQL queries that raise some errors. SQLreduce is a tool to reduce that complexity to a minimal query. SQLsmith generates random SQL queries SQLsmith is a tool that generates random SQL queries and runs them against a PostgreSQL server (and other DBMS […]

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12 September 2019

PostgreSQL® 12 Beta 4 released

Yesterday, the fourth beta of the upcoming PostgreSQL®-major version 12 was released. Compared to its predecessor PostgreSQL® 11, there are many new features: Performance improvements for indexes: btree indexes now manage space more efficiently. The REINDEX command now also supports CONCURRENTLY, which was previously only possible with new indexes. WITH queries are now embedded in […]

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12 December 2018

Elephant Shed PostgreSQL®-Appliance now available for Red Hat and CentOS

This week version 1.3 of our PostgreSQL® appliance Elephant Shed was released. The highlight of the new version is support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and CentOS 7. As is already the case for Debian, the appliance heavily relies on the postgresql-common infrastructure which was previously ported to RPM. The well-known PostgreSQL® RPM packages […]

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18 October 2018

PostgreSQL® 11 released!

Today PostgreSQL® version 11 was released. The new release brings improvements in many areas. Since version 9.6 query plans can be executed on multiple CPU cores in parallel, this is now supported for other plan types, especially the creation of B-tree indexes. Sequential scans and UNION queries have also been improved. Brand new is the […]

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14 February 2018

Elephant Shed in a Vagrant box

Elephant Shed is now available as a Vagrant box. This makes it very easy to test and try out the PostgreSQL® appliance. Vagrant is an Open Source tool for creating portable virtual software environments. By being fully script controlled Vagrant makes it easy to generate virtual machines, in which a software component is installed for […]

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