14 February 2018

Elephant Shed in a Vagrant box

Elephant Shed is now available as a Vagrant box. This makes it very easy to test and try out the PostgreSQL® appliance.

Vagrant is an Open Source tool for creating portable virtual software environments. By being fully script controlled Vagrant makes it easy to generate virtual machines, in which a software component is installed for testing purposes. Vagrant itself is only the manager, whereas various backends such as Virtualbox or cloud providers can be used for the actual virtualization.

For the development of Elephant Shed we have relied on Vagrant from the very beginning. This “box” is now also available in the Vagrant Cloud.

To use this box Vagrant and VirtualBox must be installed. The host operating system hereby is irrelevant (Linux/MacOS/Windows), but inside the box runs Debian Stretch. The box is then automatically downloaded.

vagrant init credativ/elephant-shed
vagrant up

This creates a virtual machine where Elephant Shed runs in a VirtualBox on your computer.

  • Default-User: admin
  • Default-Passwort: admin
  • The web interface listens to port 4433:https://localhost:4433
  • PostgreSQL® listens to port 55432: psql -h localhost -p 55432 -U admin

We are looking forward to your feedback!

Further information can be found on our Elephant Shed project page and on Github as well.

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