Sustainability and social engagement

Work-life balance for our employees

Our values naturally include promoting social and respectful interaction with each other. Topics such as family-friendliness and work-life balance are a priority at credativ®. That’s why we offer our employees a very flexible working hours model and, in many cases, also the opportunity to set up a home office workplace.

The health of our employees is very important to us. This is another area in which we as a company provide support where we can. We have set up additional company health insurance for all our employees. We always offer fresh fruit as a small snack during the day as well as drinks of your choice.

Our workplaces meet or even significantly exceed all the current ergonomic requirements. For example, our offices are all fitted with the latest LED ceiling lights, which provide a healthy light similar to daylight.

World Vision

Many years ago, we decided to stop sending Christmas cards, calendars and Christmas cookies for the benefit of an aid project. Instead we support a project of World Vision Deutschland e.V. in the long term.

The ability to provide direct and sustainable assistance is particularly important to us. We naturally also want to ensure that our support actually gets to where it’s needed. That’s why we decided on a long-term child sponsorship arrangement, which we took on together with our subsidiaries in India, the Netherlands, and the USA.

World Vision Foundation
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Together with numerous prominent supporters, such as Wolfgang Niedecken (BAP), the Söhne Mannheims, or Peter Maffay, we share the view that it is important to support the international work performed by World Vision with child sponsorships.

These sponsorships help children in the world’s poorest countries and let us make a small but important contribution for a better future. We particularly appreciate the direct support for the entire families of our sponsored children, which is based on the actual needs of the children and families.

We are very pleased with the positive responses from our customers and business partners whom we have informed of our child sponsorship activities.

Perhaps you’d like to sponsor a child as well?

Sponsoring a child is not just a particularly sustainable but also a particularly personal type of aid. You know exactly which child you are supporting and where they live. You can write to your sponsored child or even visit the child and get to know the family and the village.

Over nine million children die of hunger or preventable diseases, such as diarrhea or malaria, before their fifth birthday every year. Give children the gift of life — by sponsoring a child through World Vision!

The children we sponsor through World Vision are Jasser, Shreporna, and Tahidu

World Vision Jasser World Vision Shreporna World Vision Tahidu



Since our move to our energy-efficient headquarters in Mönchengladbach-Wickrath even our visitors notice: the large photovoltaic system on the southern side of the building uses solar energy to generate several thousand kilowatt-hours of electricity every year, which we use for our servers and other in-house requirements. For us, “Green IT” is not just an expression, it is part of our everyday life.

Besides our self-produced energy, our power is generated exclusively from renewable energies and we have deliberately selected Green Planet Energy as our energy supplier.

Our energy tablet in the entrance area gives visitors an insight into our current, daily, and annual electricity generation as well as our current consumption.

Green Planet Energy


In 2016 we added our very first electric vehicles to our fleet. Other electric and hybrid vehicles have been added since. In the near future, around 60% of our fleet will have been converted to electromobility. To allow our colleagues to charge their company and private vehicles during working hours, our business premises has 19 charging points, four of which available for public use outside our office hours. You can use Germany’s biggest charging station directory “Plugsurfing” to view the current status of our recharging points at any time.

We would be pleased to inform you of our involvement in Open Source software here: Involvement in OSS

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