Sustainability and social engagement

Work-life balance for our employees

Our values naturally include promoting social and respectful interaction with each other. Topics such as family-friendliness and work-life balance are a priority at credativ®. That’s why we offer our employees a very flexible working hours model and, in many cases, also the opportunity to set up a home office workplace.

The health of our employees is very important to us. This is another area in which we as a company provide support where we can. We always offer fresh fruit as a small snack during the day as well as drinks of your choice.

Our workplaces meet or even significantly exceed all the current ergonomic requirements. For example, our offices are all fitted with the latest LED ceiling lights, which provide a healthy light similar to daylight.


In 2016 we added our very first electric vehicles to our fleet. Other electric and hybrid vehicles have been added since. In the near future, around 60% of our fleet will have been converted to electromobility. To allow our colleagues to charge their company and private vehicles during working hours, our business premises has 19 charging points, four of which available for public use outside our office hours. You can use Germany’s biggest charging station directory “Plugsurfing” to view the current status of our recharging points at any time.

We would be pleased to inform you of our involvement in Open Source software here: Involvement in OSS

credativ recharging points