Support model

What distinguishes credativ® support from the support provided by conventional, proprietary products?

In our opinion, a key point of difference is the fact that we deliberately do not distinguish between support in terms of “break-fix support” and “how-to support”. Our support is always available to you, even if you just have a simple question for us. No topic is unimportant and none of your questions will remain unanswered!

You can reach us by phone, our ticket system, and by email – upon request, around the clock, 365 days a year.

Integrated problem-solving and proximity to the customer

We believe it’s important to consider your entire Open Source software stack. So we are an unashamed advocate of pursuing an integrated approach. We are focused on solving your problems. We don’t play “ping pong” by shifting responsibilities back and forth.

Another very important point in our service and support model is the direct, personal contact with our technical employees. We have deliberately done away with the use of an upstream call center and provide technical contacts who actually understand you and your requirements.

Fair, transparent and clear – credativ service and support

Our service and support contracts also include another highlight that is particularly appreciated by many of our customers. As part of a single service and support contract with guaranteed service level agreements we offer you comprehensive security for all Open Source projects that are supported by credativ®. In contrast to the standard support conditions offered by renowned manufacturers of proprietary software, credativ® provides support completely independent of the number of Open Source projects used. Dependencies on the number of users, CPUs, cores, etc., also don’t exist.

Our support model is fair, transparent and clear. Out support staff is also available for all other credativ® services where required.

We offer you more than mere insurance. We give you guaranteed performance. Get in touch and find out for yourself!

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The credativ®
Open Source Support Center

Our answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Our support is focused on the actual needs of our customers. This means that we naturally offer more support than the traditional support offered by many manufacturers. But what’s important, and this applies for any software that is operated in business-critical areas, is that the operation is appropriately secured. This is where we provide technical support at the manufacturer level with guaranteed service level agreements.
All of our employees are experienced Open Source developers and administrators. We are the replacement for missing manufacturer support, and support the entire lifecycle of your Open Source software by means of our Open Source Support Center. We provide the necessary support and all the services for your entire Open Source stack under one roof.
Our service and support contracts take account of your interests, not those of investors. We deliberately use completely different contract and price models to those of countless international software manufacturers and are proud that our fair support offers are a solid and reliable basis for long-term and successful cooperation with large national and international customers. We also want to provide a model that is completely independent of the usual factors, such as the number of users, the number of CPUs/cores and servers used or similar limiting factors. We would be pleased to discuss further details with you personally. More about the operation of our Open Source Support Centers
We guarantee it! You receive the certainty that you need. We are always there for you. Around the clock, 365 days a year. You can find more information under 24x7 support.
Don’t worry! We operate without an intervening call center. You receive direct access to our Open Source specialists. You can reach our support via central dispatching by phone, ticket system, or email. You can find more information under Availability.
Our Open Source Support Center is located in the Federal Republic of Germany and all our technical specialists are employed on a permanent basis. We provide both national and international support, in German or English as required.
Our technical support covers a range of popular Open Source projects, which are often operated in business-critical applications. You can find a selection of the projects supported by our Open Source Support Center in our software overview. More information is available under Software.
Absolutely! When a technical fault occurs, the cause needs to be determined quickly and precisely, and eliminated, or at least an initial workaround needs to be found. That’s why we offer guaranteed service level agreements for availability as well as for different response times.