PostgreSQL® Enterprise Package

100% open source – 100% cost control

Your database environment needs to grow with you – but the costs don’t

Our customers told us what they needed and in response, we’ve put together a brand new, comprehensive PostgreSQL® service package that caters to all the requirements for operating PostgreSQL® in an enterprise environment. But unlike other enterprise-class PostgreSQL® offerings, ours eliminates the need to use proprietary elements. At the same time, our service package still provides the security required for operation in business-critical areas.

And it makes no difference how many databases a company operates. By combining these benefits, credativ® enables 100% cost control while simultaneously offering all levels of scalability for the entire database environment.”

– Dr. Michael Meskes, managing director of Meskes GmbH

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What is the PostgreSQL® Enterprise Package?

The PostgreSQL® Enterprise Package from credativ GmbH bundles a multitude of services across the entire PostgreSQL® lifecycle.

This includes:

  • A consultancy, service and support package
  • On-site and remote support
  • A training package
  • Guaranteed service level agreements and 24/7 support
  • Maintenance and servicing
  • Long-term support for PostgreSQL®
  • Health check and tuning

… and all at a fixed price!

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Dame mittleren Alters informiert sich über das PostgreSQL<sup>®</sup> Enterprise Paket

Two PostgreSQL<sup>®</sup> experts in a talk

Your entire enterprise environment – one fixed price

Your entire PostgreSQL® lifecycle (support, training, consulting, services, 24/7 with guaranteed service level agreements) at a fixed price

  • Unlimited support calls and support tickets – you receive a separate support ticket e-mail address exclusively for your company
  • An unlimited number of PostgreSQL® databases
  • An unlimited number of CPUs, cores and users
  • Includes Linux OS support
  • Includes support for all common PostgreSQL® tools and many other open source projects
  • Direct access to our PostgreSQL® developers during office hours, including 24/7 support calls. No call center!

Available starting at EUR 49,000 plus VAT.

Beyond the actual database, what else is needed?

Without a doubt, an extremely powerful, highly scalable, rock-solid relational database is the foundation for secure, high-performance operation. But an enterprise-capable operating environment involves far more than just the database itself.

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Network connection

Lifecycle management – more than just support

We offer our customers comprehensive care. As part of our PostgreSQL® Enterprise Package,
we deliver all the services you need for your database environment.
Our PostgreSQL® Competence Center is always available to assist you – round the clock, 365 days a year.




Minor and major upgrades



Long-term support

Have we piqued your interest?

Our experts will be happy to answer your specific questions and support you in choosing the right open source solution for your project.

24×7 Support

Your operation is secured by continuous 24/7 enterprise support with guaranteed service level agreements and all the services required for the entire database environment. This includes all other open source tools in the comprehensive PostgreSQL® ecosystem that are typically used in any PostgreSQL® enterprise environment today.

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PostgreSQL<sup>®</sup> expert take a phone call and provide 24/7 Premium Support

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“Stay on top of your game”

Regular training courses, including courses for new releases.

Of course, training, education and workshops are an integral part of the PostgreSQL® Enteprise Package.

In addition to customized training courses and workshops, which we tailor precisely to meet your real needs, we also offer standard training courses at regular intervals at your premises or at our site in Mönchengladbach.

The right operating environment

A stable and highly scalable operating environment is just as important as the database itself – including all the necessary open source tools for PostgreSQL® and meeting all your needs in terms of high availability, security, performance, database monitoring, the appropriate backup strategy and central orchestration of the entire database infrastructure.

Want to operate your systems on Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) or in the Google Cloud? Our services are available to you both from major cloud providers as well as in your own private cloud.

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Man in a data center working on servers

One part of the whole

In addition to error-free operation of the database itself, seamless interaction with all other components that are typically connected to the database is equally important. So it is essential to consider and include these components as well. The database can only achieve optimum performance when all components – such as the operating system, the load balancer, the web server, the application server and PostgreSQL® cluster solutions – work together flawlessly.

In addition to PostgreSQL®, some well-known projects worth mentioning in this context include Kubernetes, Grafana, Prometheus, pgBadger, pgBackRest, Patroni and pgAdmin.

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