Company Profile

credativ® is an independent consulting and services company and since 1999 been offering comprehensive services and technical support for the implementation and operation of Open Source software in business applications.

Support across the board – at any time

Our Open Source Support Center gives you the necessary certainty to be able to take advantage of the countless benefits of free software for your company. You benefit from premium support for numerous Open Source projects, which nowadays play an essential role in the IT structures of a large number of companies and are even of strategic importance. In addition, we are committed to the principle of free software and actively support the development of Open Source software.

Our support is always available to you, around the clock, 365 days a year.

Specialists in their field – credativ Support

Many of our consultants and support staff are actively involved in numerous Open Source projects. For example, these include the Debian Linux operating system and the object-relational database PostgreSQL® as well as many other well-known projects. Our employees are amongst the leading Linux specialists in Germany and are highly respected on an international level.

This bundled know-how is utilized by countless German and international companies and is the basis for comprehensive service and support at the highest technical level.


In our industry, nothing is more constant than change. We are constantly developing together with the requirements of our customers. Our company history provides a concise overview of the road that we have travelled from our foundation to our current position as a leading company for Open Source support.

  1. 1999

    Founding year

    Foundation of credativ GmbH and launch of the business activities in the Technologiezentrum Jülich by Dr. Michael Meskes and Jörg Folz

  2. 2006

    Expansion of the management group

    The management group was expanded to include Sascha Heuer (Operations Management) and Michael Amstadt (Marketing and Sales)

  3. 2006

    Open Source Support Center

    Opening of the German Open Source Support Center

  4. 2007

    Company relocation

    Relocation of the company headquarters from Jülich to a company-owned property in Mönchengladbach

  5. 2007

    DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland)

    Expansion of business activities throughout the entire DACH region

  6. 2013

    Extension of the Management Board

    Extension of the Management Board to include Sascha Heuer

  7. 2013

    credativ international GmbH

    Additional foundation of credativ international GmbH by Dr. Michael Meskes and Jörg Folz to establish and expand further international business activities

  8. 2014

    PostgreSQL® Competence Center

    Opening of the German PostgreSQL® Competence Center

  9. 2016

    New company headquarters

    Construction and start-up of the new and substantially larger company headquarters in Mönchengladbach-Wickrath

  10. 2017

    Elephant Shed

    Development and release of the Elephant Shed open source project, a powerful PostgreSQL® database appliance

  11. 2021

    Leading open source specialists

    Over 55 permanent employees throughout Germany and one of the leading open source specialists

  12. 2021


    Since 2021 credativ® is part of the Instaclustr® Group. This makes credativ® one of the biggest players in the global open source market.