Professional service and support for ProxmoxVE

ProxmoxVE, or Proxmox Virtual Environment, is an Open Source virtualization environment developed by Proxmox Server Solutions.

The environment is based on Debian with a modified Ubuntu kernel and enables the straightforward, efficient deployment of virtual machines and containers. Administration and configuration takes place via a user-friendly web interface.

The virtualization environment was officially released on 04/15/2008 in response to the lack of a backup function in OpenVZ. A web GUI was also added, which makes the project one of the few that could be compared with commercial products that support container and full virtualization. Proxmox now no longer supports OpenVZ and uses LXC instead.

ProxmoxVE can be used as a cluster, i.e. it supports the use of several individual machines. Two types of virtualization are supported: Container-based with LXC and full virtualization with KVM.