Professional service and support for Kubernetes

Kubernetes is an Open Source system originally developed by Google in order to provide, manage, and scale container applications in a cluster. Together with Docker swarm mode, for example, this now effectively represents the standard for distributed container applications and is also supported by major cloud providers, such as Azure, Google, and AWS. It supports a range of container tools, incl. Docker as probably the most well-known representative, but also other types of containers, such as Rocket.

Various extended systems, such as Red Hat’s Openshift, which extend Kubernetes with additional functions, are also available.

Google has since transferred Kubernetes to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), which promotes the development of various container technologies and now also offers a Kubernetes certified administrator. It offers the following functions, among others:

Kubernetes makes it possible to operate and extend its container applications on virtualized as well as dedicated hardware with virtually any scaling. The master-slave architecture allows every system on which Docker or the Kubernetes client (Kubelets) is activated and available to be added to as well as removed from the cluster.