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OpenLDAP is an implementation of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. This protocol enables the operation of a central user data management system. OpenLDAP is already contained in the software suites of numerous Linux distributions.

You can find more information on the project page.

OPSI (Open PC Server Integration) is an Open Source software distribution system with a very flexible package format. OPSI is ideally suited for automatically distributing Windows operating systems and applications in large corporate structures. The server software runs on Linux. The graphic administration interface is web-based (Java). OPSI installation packages are available for Debian, Ubuntu, and SUSE.

Samba is a free implementation of the SMB protocol (Server Message Block) that is used to provide file and print services. This makes it possible to use a Unix server to provision Windows clients. Samba is compatible with Linux, Solaris, AIX, and various BSD derivatives.

Samba’s source code is available on the project page .

FusionDirectory is an Open Source LDAP management solution with its own web interface. Instead of changing various settings via the command line, FusionDirectory provides an open, user-friendly, web-based configuration system for your LDAP authentication system.

BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain) is the most commonly used DNS (Domain Name System) server on the internet.

The Domain Name System is the internet’s telephone book; it translates names into addresses with the help of a distributed, hierarchic database system.

BIND is capable of running on Unix as well as Windows systems.

Cockpit is a web frontend for managing servers. It is primarily used for starting and stopping services via systemd, but package updates can also be installed.

FAI stands for Fully Automatic Installation and is software that enables the automatic installation and configuration of GNU/Linux. The unattended installation of entire computer clusters is made easy with FAI. FAI was originally developed to install Debian, but can also install other distributions. Perl, Shell, or Cfengine scripts can be used to modify the systems’ configuration files. FAI is utilized by the web-based management interface GOsa, which is used by the City of Munich for Linux migration.

FAI is free software and can be downloaded from the project page.