07 August 2018

Our Throwback to conferences in Japan & China

From mid to late June credativ attended 3 consecutive conferences in Asia. The Open Source Summit Japan, the LC3 China and the PG Open China.

Open Source Summit Japan

As in the previous year, the Open Source Summit Japan was held again at the Ariake Conference Center on Odaiba, in the Bay of Tokyo. In order to cover the increasing number of participants, the event area was extended by several rooms. Accordingly, there was plenty of space for everyone.

Open Source Summit Japan 2018 Foto 1

Open Source Summit Japan 2018 Foto 2

In addition to a large number of technical presentations, mainly on containers, cloud and applications for automotive, there were also business and strategy orientated talks. All visitors could find topics of interest for themselves.

Specifically the presentation “Is There an Open Source Business Model: YES or NO?” by Jeffrey Borek (IBM) and Stephen Walli (Microsoft), deserves special mention, as it was the starting point for extensive discussions that day. Jeffrey and Stephen each gave their views and then gave the floor to the attendees to mix ask questions or give comments. The title being worded as it is doesn’t really explain the topic in detail. What the talk really was about is the question if a Open Source business model exists for large software companies.

Further to be emphasized is the presentation by our CEO Dr. Michael Meskes, whose question ”Is There a Future for Open SourceLC3 China

LC3 China (LinuxCon + ContainerCon + CloudOpen) was held in Beijing at the China National Convention Center. In the immediate vicinity of the Olympic Green Olympia Park, which was built for the 2008 Olympic Games.

LinuxCon China Foto 1

LinuxCon China Foto 2

Most of the presentations were held in English, although the vast majority of those attending were from China. A very welcoming gesture that definitely contributed to the international character. A large number of lectures with technical and business topics were held over the 4 days. Particularly interesting were the so called “office hours” as a separate position on the schedule. For this, 3 tables were provided at which discussions within the community could take place.

On the whole, LC3 seemed to be a platform for China’s largest IT companies, but it also showed that hacker groups and student groups have their own place in the community. We were certainly very happy to be able to participate and are looking forward to the next year.

PG Open China

Postgres’ growing success and the well-attended PostgreSQL® conferences, which have been held in China since 2015, led to the first PG Open China being held at the Hotel Nikko New Century Beijing this year.

PG Open China Foto 1

The aim of this conference was to provide a starting point for the Chinese PostgreSQL community and strenghthen its connection to the global PostgreSQL community

. For or this purpose, an international committee was established consisting of Bruce Momjian, Joshua D. Drake, Oleg Bartunov, Ray Feng and Dr. Michael Meskes.

After introducing this committee in a keynote, the event rooms were used for presentations and talks from the Chinese community. Joshua D. Drake and Oleg Bartunov also held a presentation. All lectures were translated with the help of an interpreter, so that all those present with less understanding of the English language nuances could comprehend everything.

The number of visitors of the PG Open China fortunately exceeded expectations and as such that the growth potential can clearly be seen. Especially with the focus on connection to the international community, the conference will certainly grow significantly over the next few years. It is therefore highly probable that we will be back on site next year. We were very happy to be one of the fist to participate in the PG Open China.

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