Professional service and support for KVM

The Kernel-based Virtual Machine is the Linux kernel’s virtualization solution developed by Qumranet.

It is based on hardware virtualization technologies of Intel (VT) or AMD (AMD-V) processors, which results in a significant performance improvement compared to paravirtualization.

No tailoring by the guest systems is required.

KVM has been a fixed part of the Linux kernel since version 2.6.20 and is also responsible for overall control and management, as well as for resource management. This means that the project directly benefits from further developments of the Linux kernel.

Besides the functions relating to processor access, KVM uses a modified version of Qemu, which emulates the other hardware, such as BIOS, hard drives, or graphics cards.

KVM is distinguished by its simple installation and administration. Even system migrations during live operation are possible with KVM.

KVM is free software, and the source code is available from Qumranet .