Professional service and support for KDE

KDE is probably the most popular user interface under Linux/Unix operating systems.

The desktop is available for all popular distributions: For example, these include Debian, Linspire, Kubuntu, Mandriva, Slackware, Red Hat, and SUSE, but KDE is also compatible with other Unix operating systems, such as BSD or Solaris. Since version 4.1, KDE can also be operated on Microsoft Windows and macOS.

Internationally, over 1,500 developers are involved in the project, which KDE provides in 90 languages. The documentation alone is available in 45 languages. credativ GmbH employs German KDE maintainers (responsible for project areas) and developers.

Besides a complete groupware solution, the OpenOffice.org word processing is also seamlessly integrated.

A sophisticated central assignment of rights with KDE Kiosk rounds out the user interface.