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Ceph is a software defined storage solution (SDS). Thanks to its distributed architecture, Ceph does not have a single point of failure (SPOF). All components are designed for reliability from the ground up.

Due to its architecture, Ceph (as an SDS) represents a serious alternative to proprietary storage solutions. Besides this, Ceph provides all the benefits that Open Source software has to offer.

Whether you want to use Ceph as your VM infrastructure (RBD – Rados Block Device), as a distributed file system (CephFS), or as object storage (S3/Swift): You can rely on our support!

GlusterFS is a file system that presents the storage elements of multiple servers as a uniform file system.

You can find more information on GlusterFS on the project page.

Open-iSCSI is a free implementation of the Internet Small Computer System Interfaces (iSCSI).

iSCSI enables the use of the established SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) storage protocol via the internet protocol. This enables access to the storage independent of location. No new hardware needs to be purchased as the existing network infrastructure is used for communication. Access to the storage devices is completely transparent from a user perspective; it looks exactly like accessing a local storage system.