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The Open Security Filter (OSF) is a configuration and management system for a highly available and extremely scalable spam and virus filter developed by credativ® that is based on Open Source technologies.

The OSF enables the creation of georedundant, highly available email filters with a filter capacity of 1 million emails per day and more.

The OSF offers you:

OSF web interface

The modular structure makes it easy to integrate customized components. The modules supplied as standard include the configuration and integration of the following software components:

OpenVPN is software that can be used to easily set up virtual private networks (VPN) via a secure connection. Typical applications for a VPN are, for example, the connection of two company locations over the internet, or the connection of field employees to the corporate network. For encryption, OpenVPN uses OpenSSL. The software is compatible with Linux, Solaris, various BSD derivatives, and Microsoft Windows 2000/XP.

OpenVPN is free software and is available for download on the project page .

SpamAssassin is an email filter written in the Perl programming language, which automatically sorts out unwanted messages (spam). The program is available as free software and can be used on the user as well as the server side.

ClamAV is a free virus and phishing filter, and is already included in the range of a large number of Linux distributions as standard. The software is often used on email servers to automatically sort out virus-infected or fraudulent emails. ClamAV runs on a whole range of unixoid operating systems.

EJBCA, Enterprise JavaBeans Certificate Authority, is an application for J2EE servers and is a certification body for a public key infrastructure.

The project is developed and maintained by PrimeKey.

The main functions of EJBCA include the provision of a web-based administration interface, support for the hash functions MD5, SHA-1, and SHA-2, as well as RSA algorithms for keys up to a length of 8192 bits.

EJBCA can be operated with a wide range of databases. These include PostgreSQL®, MySQL, Oracle, Hypersonic, MS-SQL 2000, Derby, Informix, and DB2, among others.

ferm is used to write and manage complex firewall rules.

The software defines a configuration language for IPtables, the Linux kernel’s package filter.

This language allows a structured capturing of the filter rules, which facilitates their creation and also increases their legibility.

You can find more information on the project page.