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Graylog2 is an Open Source logging and analysis tool whose scope of application ranges from monitoring network activity, system logging, as well as monitoring unusual activities, through to debugging applications.

Reliable logging is essential for a secure infrastructure, which is why Graylog2 is based on the stable Open Source components Elasticsearch, Java, MongoDB, and Scala. The analytical feature of Graylog2, the integrated archive, makes the inspection of your data and the associated debugging considerably easier and more convenient.

In rsyslog, Adiscon GmbH provides an Open Source implementation of the “syslog” protocol for Unix and similar systems. rsyslog is focused on the fast, secure, and reliable distribution of log messages in an IP network.

To ensure stability and a broad range of possible applications, rsyslog expands the original syslogd model with content-based filtering, novel possible applications for filters, and a flexible and user-friendly configuration. One of the biggest differences compared to “syslog” is the switch to the TCP protocol for data transmission with the additional option of using encrypted connections.