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Michael Banck ist seit 2009 Mitarbeiter der credativ GmbH, sowie seit 2001 Mitglied des Debian Projekts und auch in weiteren Open Source Projekten aktiv. Als Mitglied des Datenbank-Teams von credativ hat er in den letzten Jahren verschiedene Kunden bei der Lösung von Problemen mit und dem täglichen Betrieb von PostgreSQL®, sowie bei der Einführung von Hochverfügbarkeits-Lösungen im Bereich Datenbanken unterstützt und beraten.

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22 February 2024

Quick Benchmark: PostgreSQL 2024Q1 Release Performance Improvements

The PostgreSQL 2024Q1 back-branch releases 16.2, 15.6, 14.11, 13.14 and 12.18 on February 8th 2024. Besides fixing a security issue (CVE-2024-0985) and the usual bugs, they are somewhat unique in that they address two performance problems by backporting fixes already introduced into the master branch before. In this blog post, we describe two quick benchmarks […]

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05 May 2022

Moodle PostgreSQL load balancing with HAProxy and Patroni

Moodle is a popular Open Source online learning platform. Especially since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic the importance of Moodle for schools and universities has further increased. In some states in Germany all schools had to switch to Moodle and other platforms like BigBlueButton in the course of a few days. This leads to […]

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14 January 2020

Debian integration of Patroni and vip-manager

Patroni is a clustering solution for PostgreSQL® that is getting more and more popular in the cloud and Kubernetes sector due to its operator pattern and integration with Etcd or Consul. Some time ago we wrote a blog post about the integration of Patroni into Debian. Recently, the vip-manager project which is closely related to […]

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27 January 2019

Integrating Patroni into Debian

Patroni is a PostgreSQL high availability solution with a focus on containers and Kubernetes. Until recently, the available Debian packages had to be configured manually and did not integrate well with the rest of the distribution. For the upcoming Debian 10 “Buster” release, the Patroni packages have been integrated into Debian’s standard PostgreSQL framework by […]

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05 July 2018

PostgreSQL® 11: Checksums and base backups

The second beta release of PostgreSQL 11 (which is now feature frozen) has been released recently. Time to look at some of the improvements that credativ has contributed in the area of checksums and backups. Checksum verification during base backups Since version 9.3 it is possible to enable checksums for the underlying storage of tables […]

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